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Winter Bird Media, an independent media production house and publisher, was founded in the UK under the creative direction of multidisciplinary artist Fizzy Sea. 

Our Origin

We are dedicated to serving a diverse clientele spanning creative and music sectors, cultural, travel enterprises and innovative fields,


In addition, we create our own sub-brands curated for specific communities, events, and products, ensuring relevance and resonance in a future thinking media landscape.


Our production services and essential materials are integrated into our in-house campaigns and sub-brands, and are accessible to interested businesses.

Our Audience 

We capture, broadcast, document, curate, and design media distribution for forward-thinking content across cultural, creative, music and entertainment media domains.


Through our projects, we drive future-focused media development in various creative industries, curating communities and media material online and offline while providing essential resources and connections to the relevant audiences.

Our Approach

Got questions or projects? Let's chat!

Winter Bird Media loves new opportunities.


Get in touch via our contact form. 


How We Get It Done!

Content Production and Distribution

Future Ready Media Strategies 

Community Building and Engagement

Multimedia Production

Digital marketing

Editorial Design & Consultation 

Our Work At A Glance!

Talent Showcase and Content Distribution

Creating compelling stories and distributing them across diverse platforms.

Multimedia Production

From videos to podcasts, we produce high-quality multimedia content and design that captivates.

Connecting and growing audience’s through community-building and interactive engagement.

Community Building and Engagement

Our Brands and Projects 

  • Synthapix is a Sub - Brand of Winter Bird Media and created by Fizzy Sea

    Synthapix is a new platform that puts you in the spotlight! We're ready to showcase your work, events, products, and new project releases within Electronic, Analogue & Synth Sounds Culture or Live & Interactive Visual Design Culture.


    A user-driven and entirely independent platform focused on simplicity & relevant content, helping you find projects, insights, and events without the clutter of social media and intrusive ads.

  • Winter Bird Media presents a captivating short film, coming soon. Stay tuned for the premiere!



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